Mikko Kuisma

Academic Kuisma

I am currently working as an associate professor of Applied electronics at Lappeenranta University of Technology (LUT). Since 1995, I have been working as a research engineer and lecturer in the field of electronics. Teaching career includes over twenty different courses and several development and research projects. My current research areas include analog signal processing, electronic sensors, and teaching, coaching and education. Former research topics include electromagnetic compatibility, power electronics, active acoustic noise control, e-learning, and measurement instrumentation in various systems. I have 37 scientific publications with a review practice and over 30 other publications.
I am an active and enthusiastic person, both in work and in leisure. Self-motivated, committed and determined in achieving goals, come what may. I have a capacity to work hard under pressure, not to forget a good sense of humor. I am awarded as an employee of the year (LUT 2012) and my long-time work in development of teaching methods and teamwork in education was awarded the Course of the year-award in 2012 by the Student Union of LUT. 

Outside academia I am also long time member of Finnish national IPSC shooting team (pistol and rifle) and two-times European champion in 2009 and 2012 with Finnish national rifle team.

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Mikko ja ampumaurheilu

Laji: practical (IPSC) 
Suomen maajoukkueen jäsen 2005-, maajoukkuevalmentaja 2012-
Kilpaileva practical- ja SRA-ampuja vuodesta 2001, ammunnan harrastaja vuodesta 1986
Suomen ranking: sija 2. standard-pistooli (1.12.2015), maailman ranking: sija 63, standard-pistooli
Parhaat saavutukset:
  • EM-pronssi, maajoukkuekulta, kiväärin EM, Bulgaria 2012
  • EM-pronssi, maajoukkuekulta, kiväärin EM, Norja 2009
  • SM-kulta 2010, tournament (pistooli, kivääri, haulikko)
  • SM- ja PM-kulta 2007, tournament (pistooli, kivääri, haulikko)
  • SM-kulta, kivääri 2005
  • SM-pronssi 2015 ja 2014, standard-pistooli
  • SM ja PM-pronssi, kivääri 2010
  • SM-hopea, kivääri 2006
  • SM-hopea, SRA, vakioluokka 2006

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